Calling All University Students and Staff Members!
 To Serve on GFC Standing Committees, University Appeal Bodies, and Other Committees to Which GFC Elects

If you would like to actively participate in academic and judicial governance at the University of Alberta, please take an opportunity to learn how you can become involved as a committee or panel member. Under the 'General Faculties Council' library folder are the individual web-pages of each GFC Standing Committee and University Appeal Body. 

  • The Committee Descriptions and Relevant Legislation summary document previews each committees' mandate, delegation of authority, membership, meeting times, and associated legislation.
  • Committee-specific web-pages offer comprehensive details regarding standing committees' current business, terms of reference, membership listings and historical documentation (eg, approved motions, minutes, agendas).
  • Annual Membership Replenishment:  Each Spring, student and staff committee applications are received by the GFC Nominating Committee (NC), for the annual membership replenishment process. Please view the GFC NC Meeting Schedule and Annual Nomination Deadlines for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.
  • Committee Vacancies which Arise: In addition to the annual pool of nominees, the GFC NC receives expressions of interest all year-round. If you are interested to serve on a particular committee that may not have a current vacancy at this time, we encourage you to reach out to University Governance at any time, to learn more about vacancies or committee membership in general.
Current Vacancies in the 2016-2017 Academic Year! The NC continues to accept committee applications to fill existing vacancies. Interested persons may view: Current Vacancies for a complete listing of vacant seats which call for a staff or student member.
Apply Now! GFC Committee Membership Application Forms:

Students (Undergraduate or Graduate) - Details & Application Form

Staff (Academic, Support) - Details & Application Form
For details regarding the GFC Nominating Committee and its committee nomination/election processes, please contact Ann Hodgson, Coordinator, GFC Nominating Committee (NC), at 780-492-1938, or by e-mail: