How do I participate on a GFC Committee or Appeal Panel?

As a university student, faculty or staff member you can participate as a member of a GFC Standing Committee, Judicial Appeal Body or other committees to which GFC elects representatives.

Key Details, helpful to inform your committee interest, can be viewed at:

Annual Membership Replenishment Process (each Spring):  
Each Spring, the GFC Nominating Committee (NC) works to fill all upcoming membership vacancies across committees. Nominations are submitted by interested individuals who wish to serve on a committee as an elected representative. Please view the GFC NC Meeting Schedule and Annual Nomination Deadlines.

Vacancies during school year: Vacancies may arise during the current year and outside of the `annual replenishment schedule'. If you are interested to serve on a particular committee, we encourage you to reach out to University Governance at any time, to learn more about the GFC committee nomination and election process.

View "Current Committee Vacancies"

How do I submit a Committee Application Form? 

For details regarding the GFC Nominating Committee and its committee nomination/election processes, please contact Ann Hodgson, Coordinator, GFC Nominating Committee (NC), at 780-492-1938, or by e-mail: