How do I participate in university governance at the University of Alberta?
To help to inform your committee interest, please take an opportunity to peruse the relevant links below.
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View General Faculties Council (GFC) guiding and principle documents.
View Current Committee Vacancies throughout the academic year.

Which governance committee are you interested in?           
Each committee page (linked below) includes strategic documents and operational details: committee mandate, delegation of authority, membership listing, meeting times, and meeting materials (agenda, minutes, approved motions, etc.)
GFC Academic Planning Committee (APC)
GFC Academic Standards Committee (ASC)
GFC Committee on the Learning Environment (CLE)
GFC Executive Committee (EXEC
GFC Facilities Development Committee (FDC
GFC Nominating Committee (NC)
GFC Student Conduct Policy Committee (SCPC)
GFC Undergraduate Awards and Scholarship Committee (UASC)
GFC University Teaching Awards (UTAC
Council on Student Affairs (COSA)
Judicial Panel Positions:  GFC Academic Appeals Committee (AAC) and University Appeals Board (UAB)
Each Spring, the GFC Nominating Committee (NC) works to fill all upcoming membership vacancies across committees. Nominations are submitted by interested individuals who wish to serve on a committee as an elected representative. 
Vacancies during school year: Vacancies may also arise throughout school year. In this instance, the NC would work to ensure that a vacancy is filled in a timely manner as required by a committee.
For More Details Contact:  Ann Hodgson, GFC Nominating Committee Coordinator (or by Tel:  780-492-1938)