Academic Governance - Staff Member to GFC Committee

Are you interested in becoming an academic or support staff representative to a Standing Committee of General Faculties Council? Annually each spring, and when vacancies arise throughout the year, the GFC Nominating Committee (NC) works to replenish vacant staff membership positions across all of its committees.

"Wherever possible, the majority of elected members of each standing committee should be drawn from the membership of GFC to provide tangible links between GFC and its standing committees and increase engagement of the greater GFC community." (GFC/April 27, 2017)

View individual GFC Standing Committee membership compositions:
Term of Office for Staff Members of GFC Standing Committees
  • Terms of office are normally THREE (3) years in duration, running from July 1 through June 30
More Details and Key Links:
Staff Membership Across Governance Committees (at-a-glance)
Current GFC/GFC Committees Meeting Schedule (2017-18)
(Note:  2018-19 Meeting Schedule coming soon! Meeting dates/times generally follow same timing.)
Interested in a Committee? Contact a Committee Coordinator to Learn More
Thinking of Applying? You may wish to view a GFC committee meeting in action! Observing an Open Session Meeting of GFC and/or its standing committees is a great way to experience academic governance first-hand. Please contact a Governance Committee Coordinator for meeting arrangements, or with any general questions. 
Nomination & Election Questions? Contact (GFC Nominating Committee Coordinator), or Tel: 780-492-1938.

Student Panel Application Form  Submit a Staff GFC Committee Application 
Apply By: April 30, 2018
For committee positions commencing July 1, 2018