Academic Governance - Student to GFC Committee

Interested in becoming an elected Student Representative to a GFC Standing Committee?

Currently all students are encouraged to apply to serve on GFC committees for 2018/2019 while the recommendations of the ad hoc Committee are in the process of implementation.

In April 2017, GFC approved the principle that GFC committees should include a significant number of GFC members. In addition, it was felt that filling student positions on GFC committees with GFC members would deepen the engagement of student members, provide them with insights into the work conducted by GFC’s committees, and provide them with productive opportunities to work on issues in greater depth.

GFC is currently working to transition all GFC committee compositions to reflect these principles by the 2019/2020 annual replenishment process. In the interim, the requirement for GFC membership to serve on GFC committees varies between committees.

For details: Final Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Governance Including Delegated 

GFC Committee Membership and Eligibility:
  • One year term for a student committee member runs from May 1 through April 30. 
  • As of April 2017, a student elected into a GFC Standing Committee membership position will normally hold a concurrent GFC appointment.
  • Students serving in a first term on a GFC Standing committee and interested in a consecutive (second one year) term are eligible for re-nomination by the GFC Nominating Committee, as specified within the committee composition.

More Details and Key Links:
Student Governance Membership Snapshot 
Current GFC/GFC Committees Meeting Schedule (2017-18)
(Note:  2018-19 Meeting Schedule coming soon! Meeting dates/times generally follow same timing.)

Interested in a Committee? Contact a Committee Coordinator to Learn More
Thinking of Applying? View a GFC committee meeting in action! Observing an Open Session Meeting of GFC and/or its standing committees is a great way to experience academic governance first-hand. Please contact a Governance Committee Coordinator to arrange. 

Nomination & Election Questions? Contact (GFC Nominating Committee Coordinator), or Tel: 780-492-1938.

Student Panel Application Form  Submit a GFC Student Committee Application
Apply By April 3, 2018
For positions commencing May 1, 2018