Governance Resources

Outline of Issue        

How to Prepare an Outline of Issue - August 2016

Template: Outline of Issue-AR
(For issues calling for "Action, Recommendation")

Template: Outline of Issue-ADI
(For issues calling for "Advice, Discussion, Information")

Student Participation Protocol 

Summary Document - Participation Process Handbook   
(Note: flow-charts spanning pages 2/3 are best viewed in "two-page view" when downloaded).

U of A Student Participation Process Handbook

U of A Student Participation Process Handbook with Summary (combined PDF)

Program Documents

Please contact Ms Andrea Patrick, Portfolio Initiatives Manager, Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), for confirmation of the appropriate program proposal templates.


New Degree Proposal Template - Part A

New Degree Proposal Template - Part B

New Master's and Doctoral Degree Programs Template - Part A 
Part B.1:  Degree Programs that are Similar to Existing Programming

Program Suspensions and Terminations Guidelines

Program Suspension Template

Program Termination Template
Load Change Template 
Program Name Change Template
Program Reactivation Template

Internal Program Proposal Template

Handbook on University Certificate Development

Embedded Certificate Template

Freestanding Credit Certificate Template

Non-Credit Certificate Template